Town Forest

Open to the public for walking, hiking, and biking, the Town Forest is 162 acres of unfragmented forest, the largest in the Town. Located on Forest Drive, just off of French Hill Road, the Forest is equipped with trail head parking. Users can access a series of criss-crossing trails and enjoy the scenic beaver pond.

The Town is working to increase trail access and recreational opportunities in the Forest. Review the St Albans Town Forest Final Trail Plan to see a comprehensive plan and summary of the process. Review fundraising ideas by clicking the following link Forest Presentation1.

The Town of St. Albans  is working in partnership with Audubon Vermont and the Department of Forest, Parks and

Town Forest Trailhead in WinterRecreation by providing the Town Forest as a demonstration and testing site for Migratory Songbird habitat enhancement. The project Foresters for the Birds helps landowners support healthy forests through enhanced wildlife habitat and timber management. The birds protected by this project include Black-throated Blue Warbler, Eastern Wood Peewee, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker,  Wood thrush, and Veery. To learn more about the project, contact Franklin County Forester, Nancy Patch.

Review the Town goals in the Forest Plan 2012. For more information about work, recreation opportunities, or programs in the Town Forest, contact AJ Johnson, Zoning Assistant at 524-7589 ext. 100.