Loop Road

Loop Road: Phase 1 Loop Road: Phase 1

The Town of St. Albans is seeking feedback on the construction of the first phase of the Loop Road/207 Extension. The Loop Road is part of the Town’s infrastructure planning to alleviate traffic congestion and increase accessibility to businesses in our Northern Growth Center. The Town seeks to encourage new economic development, but to concentrate it within a designated growth center, protecting other natural resources.

With increased commercial development along Swanton Road, both North and South of Exit 20, the Town resurrected the plans for the Loop Road when a study showed that even one new large business in the area could lead to failure at two intersections. For now, the Town anticipates acquiring the permits and building only the first phase of the Loop Road (pictured above, click to view in a new window) which would run parallel to Route 7 from Walmart to PriceChopper. Once it is built, the Town will work in partnership with developers so they have the opportunity to build segments that connect to Phase 1 of the Loop Road.

Loop Road/ 207 Extension Conceptual Design

The planning of the Loop Road has been a nearly decade long process. Concerned both with attracting economic opportunities and the impact to traffic if new retailers were to locate in the Northern Growth Center, the Town began exploring conceptual designs of a Loop Road in 2005. The conceptual design plans propose a Loop Road that would run parallel to Route 7, running from Jewett Road in the North to Federal St. in the South. Conceptual designs were drawn up, but the Town did not pursue permits. See the Conceptual Plans at right or view them in a new window here.

For now the Town is only concerned with building Phase 1 of the Loop Road (pictured above). Completion of this first phase will allow subsequent phases to be completed by developers when they move in.

The Town Selectboard seeks input from residents on the potential project of construction of Phase 1 of the Loop Road. Please contact AJ Johnson at zoningassistant@comcast.net or 802.524.7589 ext. 100 with any comments or questions.