Town of St. Albans, VT


The Town of St. Albans is governed by five elected members of the community.  There are three members elected for a three-year term and two members elected for a two-year term on a staggered basis.  Responsibilities of the board include writing general policy and ordinances, town planning, reviewing the budget, setting the tax rate, working closely with the Town Manager, as well as a wide variety of other related tasks.

Selectboard Members

Brendan Deso 2021
Brendan Deso, Chair  - Term Expires 2023
Phone:  802-393-7074
 Jessica Frost 2021  
Jessica Frost, Vice Chair - Term Expires 2022
Phone:  802-752-8587

Bryan DesLauriers 2021

Bryan DesLauriers – Term Expires 2024
Phone:  802-309-0690
Erin Creley – Term Expires 2022
Phone:  802-752-4689

Jonathan Giroux 2021
Jonathan Giroux – Term Expires 2023
Phone:  802-527-0306