Town of St. Albans, VT

Police Advisory Committee

The Town of St. Albans is committed to the pillars of a free, democratic, self-governing society.  Requiring at its most fundamental level the right for citizens to participate in their governance and to hold public entities accountable.  To those ends, fostering community involvement in the administration of policing services within our community is critical.  Historically, the Town has had a Police Advisory Committee in place and the duties of the Committee have varied to meet the needs of the Town at the time.  Members have been appointed by the Selectboard, and have previously been assigned tasks related to public safety and policing services to complete as a working group.   The Police Advisory Committee is  a tool in the Town’s effort to provide residents, guests and business owners with the fairest, most unbiased, evidence based and 21st century-centric form of policing possible.

  • Jay Sweeny
  • Matthew Engels
  • Danielle Houle Charbonneau
  • Vivian Warner
  • James Cross