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AJ Johnson
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Zoning Administrator



802-524-7589 ext. 100

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398 Georgia Shore Road, St. Albans, VT 05478

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PO Box 37
St. Albans Bay, VT  05481


To view a copy of our current Unified Development Bylaws click HERE

The Town of St. Albans Unified Development Bylaws include both the Town's zoning and subdivision regulations.  Zoning is a Town regulatory process concerned with land use and development.  Zoning subdivides a community into "districts" that define use of land and placement, spacing, and size of structures and other factors specified in the bylaws related to public health, safety, or welfare of the Town.   

The department's mission is to help the town create and realize a vision for its future.  We want to ensure the appropriate use and techniques of land development through enforcement of the Unified Development Bylaws, and by facilitating the timely review of development applications by various agencies for certification and approval by the Zoning Administrator and the Development Review Board.  


The Development Review Board (DRB) is a quasi-judicial body charged with administering key provisions of the Town's zoning and subdivision bylaws.  The DRB has the following powers and duties:

                1.  Right of Way or Easement Review for land development without frontage (801 Waiver)
                2.  Conditional Use Review
                3.  Site Plan Review
                4.  Planned Unit Development Review
                5.  Waiver Review
                6.  Subdivision Review 
                7.  Variance Review
                8.  Appeals from the decision of the Zoning Administrator
                9.  Any other review specifically designated to the DRM and required by the
                     St. Albans Town Unified Development Bylaws

The DRB may hear a combined review where a development will require multiple types of development reviews.  All meetings and hearings except deliberative and executive sessions are open to the public.  The board meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

DRB Members and Term Limit:

  • Brent Brigham - Term Expires March, 2025
  • Arthur Omartian - Term Expires March, 2026
  • Mike McKennerney - Term Expires March, 2025
  • Tom Stanhope - Term Expires March, 2026
  • Allison Hickey - Term Expires March, 2024
  • Ellen Baker - Term Expires March, 2025
  • Bruce Thompson - Term Expires March, 2026
  • Christina Boissoneault - Term Expires March, 2024 (Alternate)