Lake Shoreland Protection Act

St. Albans Bay aerialIn 2014, the Vermont State House and Senate passed bill H. 526 also known as the Lake Shoreland Protection Act which went into effect on July 1, 2014. The Act restricts where property owners can build and clear within 250 ft of the mean water level of any lake or pond over 10 acres in area. This Act will impact Town residents whose properties are located within 250 ft’ of the 95.5 ft mean water level.

These regulations were enacted by the State and will be administered by the State. For more information or for a permit application visit the Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Watershed Management or contact the Kevin Burke with questions at or at 802.490.6165.

Read the Vermont Shoreland Protection Act Handbook.

Look at an overview of the Act’s regulations Lake Shoreland Protection Act Summary.

Read the Act in its entirety H-526 – Lake Shoreland Protection Act.

Review answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Act. This worksheet assists in determining whether or not a registration or permit is required for a shoreland project Shoreland Protection Worksheet