Town of St. Albans, VT

Stormwater Utility Fee Credit

The Town of St. Albans Stormwater Utility offers credits against the stormwater fee for property or parcel owners who undertake specific, approved actions that reduce the impact of stormwater runoff into the public stormwater system, or provide ongoing public benefit related to stormwater management.  A credit is an on-going reduction in a property or parcel’s calculated stormwater fee but is subject to audit from the Stormwater Utility from time to time.  

To qualify for any of the user fee credits, the property or parcel owner must fill out a credit application and submit it to the Stormwater Utility.  The application will be evaluated to determine the amount of credit using the “Stormwater User Fee Credit Manual”.  Single family residential properties as defined in the “Town of St. Albans Stormwater Utility Ordinance”, and vacant or undeveloped properties or parcels are not eligible to receive credits.  All other property or parcel owners are eligible for credits regardless of whether they have a valid state stormwater, MS4, or TS4 permit.  Eligibility for user fee credits is independent of the State stormwater permitting process.  Multiple credits can be given to eligible properties.  The total credit given to any property shall not exceed 50% of the stormwater user fee for that property, and in no event shall a property pay a stormwater fee less than the fee assessed for single family residential properties.  The exception to this is the Vermont Agency of Transportation whose maximum credit is 35%. 

Credit Manual
STP Credit Application
Agricultural Credit Application
Educational Credit Application