Public Works

Public Works Department – Director of Public Works, Alan Mashtare

Hours of Operation:
6am – 2:30pm

Office:  802-527-0739
Cell:  802-782-0996
Fax:  802-524-2902

Equipment Operators:  Level I and Level II
Equipment Operator Job Brochure

Job Descriptions
Equipment Operator I
Equipment Operator II

Job Application
CDL Employment Application

Installation of Underground Utilities Policy
Installation of Underground Utilities 4.3.17

Application for Installation of Underground Utilities
Application for Underground Utility Installation Permit

Curb Cut & Culvert Permit Application
Curb Cut.Culvert Permit Application

Excess Weight Permit
Excess Weight Permit

Additional Documents
Application for Culvert Curb Cut. Utility Permit


Department of Public Works Relocation Study
Cross Feasibility Study 1.26.2015