Bicycle and Pedestrian Feasiblity Study

Read the full report: Bike-Ped Study Final Recommendation


The final recommendation for alignment of the Bicycle and Pedestrian path was presented to the Selectboard on June 23, 2014. The Selectboard will review the various alternatives and make a determination.

Project History:

The Town of St. Albans has been working to enhance bicycling and walking options between SATEC and the Collins Perley Recreation Center for many years.  The Town also envisions this link as part of a larger network of bicycling and walking facilities throughout the Town.

The Town recently received funding through the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) to examine the feasibility of creating this desirable bicycling and walking link.

The Town organized a Steering Committee comprised of local officials and citizens to provide direction for the study.  After circulating a Request for Proposals, the Town selected a consulting team consisting of Broadreach Planning & Design, Stantec Consulting Service, Heritage Landscapes LLC and the University of Vermont Consulting Archeology Program (the BRPD Team).

After a thorough analysis of existing conditions in the Study Area, the SC and the BRPD looked a variety of alternatives to addressing the purpose and need of the Study. Through Steering Committee meetings, consultations with VTrans and the St. Albans Town Select Board, and three public meetings, The BRPD team is recommending:

  •  A shared use path along the east side of the Thorpe Avenue Extension right-of-wayon the east side of the SASH, extending from the end of Thorpe Avenue to the end of the new Shared use path in the SASH;
  •  A new shared use path on the north side of the SASH from the Thorpe Avenue Extension right-of-way to the a point approximately 825 feet to the east;
  •  A bicyclist and pedestrian underpass of the SASH;
  •  A bicycle route on City of St. Albans streets from BFA to the southern end of Thorpe Avenue; and
  •  A shared use path along portions of the existing alignment of the CP Center foot path to the CP Center building.

Read previous study:Draft Bike-Ped Feasibility Study

Study Area: 

The Study Area for this project extends approximately to the east side of Route 104, the north side of Weldon Street, the west side of Route 7 and the south side of Fairfax Street. It includes areas in both St. Albans Town and City.

Study Area

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