Sidewalk Master Plan

In 2002, the Town hired Engineered Solutions, Inc. (ESI) and Kathleen Ryan, Landscape Architect, to assess town-wide pedestrian needs and opportunities. Through public meetings, site visits and discussions with citizens and local officials gauged current pedestrian travel patterns and identified opportunities for improvement to both safety and mobility.

They located over 20 possible pedestrian corridors that form a web connecting 6 discrete areas of Town with each other and the City of St. Albans (City).This Sidewalk Master Plan looks at each potential sidewalk corridor and judges it against a set of criteria that provides a measure of its feasibility via a simple scoring system. These scores are weighted and factored to create a prioritized list of potential sidewalk projects around Town. The methodology, established to generate these priorities, highlights those sidewalk segments that provide the greatest benefit for the lowest cost as the highest priorities.

Read the Sidewalk Master Plan April 2003- original