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The Town of St. Albans is one of the fast-growing communities in the State of Vermont.  The State of Vermont projects our population could be as high as 10,000 residents by 2030.  That type of growth requires thoughtful and strategic planning with regards to the future of our economy, work force, housing stock, transportation network, natural resources, and agricultural lands. Planning for land use and development is essential for fostering a healthy, vibrant St. Albans. Developing guidelines and policies that shape our land use should be a community effort. 

The Town Plan is the community road map that lays out Town needs, goals and aspirations. The Plan is implemented through land use regulations such as the Bylaws and the Capital Improvements Plan.  The Town plan along with other other Town planning documents are located to left of the page and have the year they were conducted, or implemented in their title.  

The Department of Planning also collaborates with residents, community partners, other municipal, regional and state agencies to create plans that assess community needs and guide future investment and policy.

Planning initiatives currently underway:

  • Launching the new Stormwater Utility
  • Unified Development Bylaws Update - See a copy of the proposed 2022 draft bylaws by clicking here
  •  Land Use Practices Review
  • Developing a Private Roads Policy