Town of St. Albans, VT

Parks Directory

The Town of St. Albans owns and maintains who public parks and the Town Forest on French Hill.  We also have three State Parks within our Municipality and other public recreational facilities owned and operated by other entities; Collins Perley Sports Center and Hard'ack.  

Town Park Directory

Cohen Park
Cohen Park, the best kept secret in the Town of St. Albans portfolio of public parks. Cohen This beautiful 4 acre park, located right on Lake Champlain, offers incredible views, an accessible beach and generally clear water to swim in. Because of its location on the open shore of the lake, the water moves quickly enough to prevent algae blooms from lingering.

A side from the water access, the park offers a playground, picnic tables, a sand volleyball court and lots of mowed fields to play in. Restrooms are also available throughout the summer months. Cohen Park is located on Maquam Shore Road, about ¼ mile north of Lower Newton Road. Bring the whole family, stay for an hour or the day, just get outside and enjoy this beautiful park and one of Vermont’s greatest treasures, Lake Champlain. Don’t forget the sunscreen and water shoes (the beach is shale)!
St. Albans Bay Park
St. Albans Town Licensed-Bath House
Built in 1933 by Company No. 1134 of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) for the State of Vermont.  It was originally named Chester A. Arthur Camp, after the 21st President of the United States who was born in neighboring Fairfield, Vermont.  The CCC built the stone bath house and the stone retaining wall.  The State of Vermont turned ownership of the 17-acre park over to the Town of St. Albans in 1987.  

The park has two softball fields, a pavilion, basketball courts, a playground and much more.  It is also the host of many of our community events including our weekly farmers market and concert series which takes place every summer.
St. Albans Town Forest
Open to the public for walking, hiking, and biking, the Town Forest is 162 acres of unfragmented forest, the largest in the Town. Located on Forest Drive, just off of French Hill Road, the Forest is equipped with trail head parking. Users can access a series of crisscrossing trails and enjoy the scenic beaver pond.

Over the past few years, the Town has worked to increase trail access and recreational opportunities in the Forest.

The Town of St. Albans is working in partnership with Audubon Vermont and the Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation by providing the Town Forest as a demonstration and testing site for Migratory Songbird habitat enhancement. The project Foresters for the Birds helps landowners support healthy forests through enhanced wildlife habitat and timber management. The birds protected by this project include Black-throated Blue Warbler, Eastern Wood Peewee, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Wood thrush, and Veery. To learn more about the project, contact Franklin County Forester, Nancy Patch.