Town of St. Albans, VT

E-911 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Why are we changing addresses?
The Town is required by law (30 V.S.A. §7056 (a)) to comply with E-911 regulations as directed by the State of Vermont.

How is the new address determined?
New property addresses are determined by measuring the distance from the start of the road to the middle of the property’s driveway and then divided by 5.28. “The measuring increment is the distance between successive structure numbers (for example, from 100 to 101). For an increment of .001 miles (5.28 feet), structure number 1000 would be 1 mile down the road.” (911 Addressing Standards Packet, pg. 7) By using this system, your address should not have to be changed in the future unless you move your driveway.

Who is notified of the change of address?
You will receive a letter in the mail stating the change of address. The Town also notifies the post office (Saint Albans and/or Swanton), emergency services, dispatch, and fedex. We are unable to notify UPS but if you have any problems with deliveries you can call their hotline number at 1-800-742-5877. We also make edits on google maps with the new property address. We cannot make the changes on google but we can send in edits.

Am I the only one impacted? Who else can expect to see their addresses changed and when?
No, you are not the only one impacted. The Town is doing everything we can to in order to comply with the E-911 regulations. There are other roads in the town that need to be done in the future. The reason we chose to do Maquam Shore Rd and French Hill Rd is because those are long roads that currently have issues with numbering and have been brought to our attention. There are new lots on Maquam Shore Rd that are unable to have a number because of the way the road was numbered previously.

Is this change due to residents’ inability to receive emergency services?
No, this change is required by law to be done by the Town. (30 V.S.A. §7056 (a))

What steps should I take to ensure I receive correspondence and services?
Services that you should notify of your address change:
Department of Motor Vehicles (Click here to change your address on your license)
Internal Revenue Service (Click here to fill out form 8822 to change your address)
Home Dial Up Alarm Service
Gas/Fuel and Electric
Phone, Cable, and Internet
Other Utilities
Trash and Recycling
Insurance Companies
Your Employer
Schools and Education
Your Bank and Credit Card Companies
Loan Providers
Other Financial Agencies
Magazines and Subscription Services
Online Shopping Sites
Individual Service Providers (Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy, Veterinarian, Etc.)
Friends and Family

Do I have to update my address on my passport?
No. Click here for information on passport changes.

What other roads can expect to change?
We have a list in progress. The list of roads will be shared as soon as it is finalized. Please check back for more information.

Our goal is to make sure everyone in the town has a correct E-911 number as well as keeping everyone safe. This not only helps future lots to be numbered but also helps make sure that emergency vehicles know exactly where to go.