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We are seeking RFQ’s/RFP’s for Design Services for the Department of Public Works Relocation project.  We are also seeking RFQ’s for CM-CG services.  Please click on the documents below for more details on each.

St Albans Town DPW CM-GC RFI No-1 10.16.18

St Albans Town DPW Design RFQ Addendum-1 10.15.18

St Albans Town DPW Design RFQ-RFP 18.10-FINAL 10.9.18

St Albans Town DPW CM-GC RFQ 18.10-FINAL 10.9.18

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The stump dump located on Brigham Road will be closed during the week until further notice.  The dump will be open on Sunday’s only from 9am to 5pm for residents to drop off brush, yard clippings, etc.

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RFQ – Engineering – All ERP and CWBG projects for 2018 and 2019

The Town of St. Albans, Vermont is requesting Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from consultants for assistance with developing five (5) 100% final designs, construction drawings, and final cost estimates for four (4) Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) projects and one (1) Clean Water Block Grant (CWBG) to address the requirements our MS4 Flow Restoration Plans (FRP) and water resource priorities. The Town is seeking a consultant or consultant team with broad and deep technical and planning expertise in stormwater and wet weather management. The procurement process for selection of the Consultant will follow the Town of St. Albans Purchasing Policy. We are not seeking a detailed scope of work or cost proposal at this time, however both will be requested once the most qualified firm or team is selected. The successful consultant or consultant team will be selected based upon their demonstrated ability to provide the highest qualified personnel to achieve the goals of the project’s and possible interview with a committee.


St. Albans has received approximately $125,000 in grant funding for the engineering and permitting phase of these projects from the VTDEC ERP and a CWBG. ERP and CWBG funding is limited to stormwater and wet-weather management aspects of these project. All consultants and or consultant teams must be familiar with the Vermont Clean Water Initiative requirements.